tuesday breakfast


i got up about 30 minutes ago to take my new dog outside to pee. he’s a super sweet pit bull who is beautifully colored… i’m a little nervous for him to meet the baby who gets dropped off for sitting in a few minutes here, but he’s really friendly… just might be a little rough… so my plan is to keep them separated or him tied up. there’s a picture at the bottom… his name is elliott.


i’m about to brew up some coffee — i currently have some sort of peruvian blend that i got from my old work (sunflower market). now that i don’t work there anymore i might go back to this place called the java station roastery that roasts their own coffee here in albuquerque… i used to help on their website ages ago, and they’re good people and really roast some good coffee. wow, looks like their website is still up, though the online store i helped set up is defunct: The Java Station Roastery

and then… for breakfast… this is a kind of quick and easy, one-pan version of huevos rancheros that i’ve come up with recently.

first i take a little butter and melt it in a small frying pan over medium-low heat. then, i take a corn tortilla and throw it on. on top, i put some salsa, garlic powder, pepper, and cumin, and then break an egg on top. then i put some shredded monterey jack cheese on top. i cook it over fairly low heat until the egg is as done as i like it (i like em pretty runny)… if you cover the pan, the egg will cook more thoroughly without the tortilla getting too crispy. without covering, it’s pretty darn sunny side up, but with you can easily solidify the yolk if you wish. i have sour cream so i’m totally going to serve with a dollop of that on top!


~ by agent229 on September 15, 2009.

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