broiled balsamic zucchini

broiled balsamic zucchini with parmesan and basil

my parents’ garden has been flooding me with 3 varieties of squash this summer – yellow squash and both light and dark green zucchini. i returned home from camping yesterday to find three new light green zucchini sitting on the counter.

when i was a kid, zucchini was sliced and thrown into a pot with a jar or can of tomato sauce and cooked until basically falling apart. though that dish holds nostalgic charm, i’m glad i’ve found a couple other ways to prepare zucchini, including calabacitas. i love calabacitas and i’ve made it three or four times already this summer, so i really felt like trying something new.

what i ended up with is based on a recipe i saw on the most important detail i pulled from the recipe was to use a zucchini that is fairly uniform in diameter across the entire squash, instead of one that has a fat end and thin neck-like end, so all the slices are about the same size.

i took one zucchini and sliced it into 1/2″ thick round slices (it’s very important to have even slicing). i tossed the slices in olive oil, salt, pepper, dried oregano, and balsamic vinegar. then i arranged the slices on a rack and broiled them. i did this in my toaster oven because i hate heating up the big oven in the summer, but a big oven would work fine – just place them as close to the broiler as you can.

after one side had started to become golden brown and fairly dried out, i flipped them and continued broiling until golden brown on both sides, and tender when i poked a fork in. then, i put some grated parmesan on top and broiled until the cheese was melted, and sprinkled with a little chiffonade of fresh basil.

mmm! it was fast, easy, and really good. the flavors went well together. mine came out a touch oily – make sure you only use enough to coat it. also, make sure not to go crazy with the vinegar – i probably only used about a teaspoon for one squash.

the only thing i can really think to improve this in the future would be the addition of some tomato because it would be a really classic combination. there’s a couple ways i could see this… possibly a thin slice of tomato broiled atop the zucchini before the parmesan is added, though it could make it too watery. maybe instead some sort of roasted or fresh tomato sauce/salsa to put on top or dip them in. if i make them again i think i will try to fit tomato in somehow.


~ by agent229 on August 1, 2010.

4 Responses to “broiled balsamic zucchini”

  1. yummy! Wish I was home to get some of that squash.
    We’re going to the farmer’s market to get some and try this out.

  2. That looks super yum! Thanks for the link to the chiffonade–I saw Anthony Bourdain throw that word around a couple times, so it’s nice to see what it really means.

    I’ve got this on my RSS feed now, so I’m more on top of these updates, haha.

    • yeah i thought of trying to describe chiffonade myself but i didn’t take any pictures so… linking seemed easier! i really only use it for basil, but i also have used it once for a spinach salad. the spinach happened to have like giant leaves so rather than chop them up i did chiffonade instead, it looked pretty nice!

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