fried rice lettuce wraps

today, i was just sitting around home doing various things, walking the dog, and so on. i started to get hungry and i remembered i had some leftover brown rice from a few nights ago, some romaine lettuce, and some cabbage which all needed to be used.

lettuce wrap fried rice

i’m already kind of crazy in that i walk around eating lettuce/cabbage/spinach leaves raw as a snack. i was doing this the other day and thought of doing lettuce wraps, which i’ve had in restaurants but never at home. today presented itself as the perfect opportunity to give them a shot!

for the filling, i heated a mixture of canola and sesame oil in the wok over high heat. i threw in a teaspoon or so of finely minced fresh ginger and half a jalapeno, diced finely. then, i threw in some finely shredded green cabbage (about a quarter of a large head) and stir-fried this for a little, letting the cabbage start to wilt down. i added the white ends of some green onions, chopped up, and continued to stir. once the vegetables looked to be done, i put in the cold brown rice (probably 2-3 cups) and added some more oil to prevent sticking. i stir-fried this mixture until the rice was totally broken up, heated through and coated with the oils.

last, i threw in the green parts of the green onions and some store bought teriyaki sauce (though you could easily use other sauces — afterward i thought peanut sauce might have been good). i stirred this over heat for just 30 seconds or so before turning it off. i adjusted the seasonings by adding just a little more salt and a little soy sauce.

then i spooned it into the lettuce leaves and had a great little lunch. the crispy, earthy coolness of the lettuce contrasting the warm, gooey/mushy/crunchy/salty/tangy/nutty fried rice makes a great overall combination.


~ by agent229 on April 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “fried rice lettuce wraps”

  1. These sound really good.
    Let’s make them for Mother’s Day:)

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