grilling/meat extravaganza

with spring finally getting here, we decided to grill the other night. boyfriend couldn’t resist playing with fire…

grill fire meat vegetable

for the veggie part of the meal, we got some red peppers, elephant garlic, zucchini, yellow squash and portabella caps and tossed them with olive oil, the oil from a jar of sun dried tomatoes, and some spices.

vegetable grill pepper garlic squash

for the meaty part of the meal (which was quite enormous), we had ribeye steaks marinated in A1 chicago style marinate and the biggest effing chicken breasts ever.

grill meat steak chicken

the chicken breasts were pretty enormous, but we made them even larger by stuffing them before grilling. we made a stuffing with spinach, feta, ricotta, parmesan, bacon, sun dried tomatoes, salt and pepper. i took the chicken breasts and cut pockets in them, getting in with my hands to make the pockets as large as possible without tearing holes in the breast. it was kind of fun. then i stuffed it as full as possible with the stuffing before we set them carefully on the grill. boyfriend was the grill master as i took pictures (and we all took shots, true barbecue style :-P) we grilled all the meat before putting the veggies on.

grilled steak vegetable pepper mushroom garlic chicken

when it was all done, we piled everything on a huge serving platter. it was quite impressive (and heavy). luckily we had the neighbors over to help eat it. everything was really tasty. stuffing meat is pretty fun and easy; so far we’ve done chicken breasts and pork chops, and i’d like to try them again with different fillings.

i’m glad it’s getting to be grilling season again, too… the taste of fire and char marks, the fun gathering around the grill… cooking outside is different from the usual and it’s quite fun


~ by agent229 on April 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “grilling/meat extravaganza”

  1. Yum-MEE!!
    But what is that liquid pouring onto the grill in the first picture?

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