i really only had a whole artichoke for the first time this summer, while staying at a friend’s cousin’s house on the cochiti reservation, of all places.

artichoke food

little did i know i was discovering a really fantastic, simple, plain delight.

artichokes are a little tricky to approach to someone who’s never seen how, but they aren’t bad. all you really do is trim the bottom stalk, chop about an inch off the top, and throw it in a steamer. i don’t really time exactly, but you know it’s done when you can pull it out, open it up slightly, and easily pull a leaf out from near the center. i like to do it so that the center leaves are tender enough that the bottom halves are completely edible.

so pull it out of the steamer, and then basically just peel off leaves and eat them. hold them by the top of the leaf. the outer, tougher leaves require you to use your teeth to kind of scrape the flesh off, and the inner leaves will be tender enough to pretty much eat the bottom half. i like to dip them in melted butter with some pepper, salt, garlic powder, maybe a little lemon juice.

then once you get near the center, the leaves get thinner and smaller, and eventually you will get to the “choke”. this is way in the center and it is a bunch of little fibers. you do not want to eat this… hence the choking… so when you get there, just use a spoon to scoop out all the fibers. once you’ve removed them, you can eat what’s left (the heart) which is really tasty!

so yeah… i like it because it’s really good, easy, and kind of an adventure to eat!


~ by agent229 on December 15, 2009.

One Response to “artichoke”

  1. LOL. Justin’s Dad & I went to dinner at friends where they served artichokes. He had never had one before and ate everthing, choke included! Needless to say, he felt pretty sick later. Another time, I served artichokes to friends. One barely touched hers. Later, I checked it out and it was full of dirt and sand, even though I had washed them. So, very thorough washing is sometimes necessary.

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