pasta carbonara and white asparagus

so i’d never had white asparagus before, and i saw that it was on sale at work for less than regular so i decided to try it. i also made a quick pasta carbonara with it.

pasta carbonara asparagus cooking food

the asparagus i just planned to steam, plain, like i normally do. however, i saw on the package that it needs to be peeled first, which was a little odd, so i did. so basically just peeled it, threw it in a pot with a steamer basket, and steamed for maybe 5 minutes. it was really good, fresh and crispy tasting. we even tasted a little bit raw and i think it could definitely be eaten raw, but it was nice to have it warm.

the pasta was also pretty easy. i got some slab bacon and cut it into chunks, fried that up in a pan while i boiled the pasta. i threw some frozen peas into the pasta water for the last few minutes of the boil. when the pasta was done and drained, i poured a mixture of whisked eggs, some milk, parmesan, garlic powder, salt, and lots of black pepper over the hot noodles and stirred quickly to create a creamy light sauce. then i added the bacon and voila!

a little terse on the details this time, i’ve been sick and don’t have the energy to try very hard on this post, but i wanted to get it up anyway before i forgot…


~ by agent229 on December 11, 2009.

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