chilaquiles is essentially a way to use up stale corn torillas or tortilla chips, but i think it’s also a pretty brilliant, simple breakfast.

the basic idea is to take those stale chips or tortillas, cook them in a chile sauce, and eat it with eggs or something for breakfast.

so i took my corn tortillas, ripped them into quarters, and pan fried them. i use a small frying pan that fits about one corn tortilla at a time and i use just a little more oil than is needed to cover the bottom of the pan. i fried several tortillas this way and set them on a paper towel to drain.

in the meantime, i added some salsa and beef broth to another pan and let it simmer with cumin, garlic powder, and a little oregano. as soon as this mixture was bubbling and my tortillas were done, i threw the tortillas in and stirred and let it simmer for a few more minutes.

back in the frying pan, a quick fried egg… i intended it to be over easy, but i broke the yolk trying to flip it one-handed 😦 a skill i still have to work on, i guess.

throw the chile/tortilla mixture on a plate, egg and sour cream on top, and voila! could also put some cheese on it, but i didn’t have any. i’m sure meat could be incorporated too if you felt so inclined.

yet another simple, fast, kind of rustic dish that i think is super satisfying for breakfast. the chile sauce thickens a bit from the tortillas, and the tortillas soften but retain a little bit of chewy crunch.

side note: this has probably become my favorite use for corn tortillas besides just making chips, and my second favorite use for old tortilla chips. my favorite use has to be “meltychips”, a drunk invention of my cousins that involves pouring all the old, rejected, broken tortilla chips onto a plate, covering with shredded cheese and microwaving until the whole thing turns into a big melty disc of goodness. mm.


~ by agent229 on December 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “chilaquiles”

  1. I hadn’t ever heard of chilaquiles until they were on an episode of the Gilmore Girls. They don’t really serve these at the restaurants there? Or I just never noticed?

    • i havent really seen them in restaurants much actually. i didn’t really know exactly what it was until pretty recently, when i sort of accidentally made something similar to it just on a whim. haha. gilmore girls eh?

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