spaghetti squash alla carbonara

so i had half of my already-baked spaghetti squash from the other night sitting in the fridge and i was thinking about what i could do with it.

something (probably the fact that spaghetti squash looks like spaghetti) reminded me of one of my favorite ways to prepare pasta: alla carbonara. according to wikipedia, alla carbonara typically refers to pasta prepared with a sauce of raw eggs, some sort of cheese, black pepper, and some sort of ham. the sauce is poured over the hot pasta and stirred quickly to cook the eggs. it makes a really nice creamy, light sauce that sticks to the noodles.

squash spaghetti carbonara

my version tends to also include garlic powder, and i usually don’t have any ham or bacon on hand. usually, the sauce should be poured over the hot noodles right after draining. since i was using refrigerated spaghetti squash instead, i had to reheat it, so i just threw it in a pan with some olive oil and cooked it over medium heat until it was heated all the way through. actually, i used some chive olive oil i made a while back… i had a bunch of fresh chives in my garden that were going to die when the first freeze came, so i pureed them with olive oil and salt. it lends a nice mild garlic flavor.

while the squash was heating, i whisked together two eggs, salt, garlic powder, plenty of black pepper, and plenty of powdered parmesan cheese. as soon as the spaghetti squash was hot, i turned off the heat, poured over the egg mixture, and quickly stirred until the “sauce” thickened, signaling the eggs had cooked. i sprinkled some extra parmesan on top and that was it!

that’s part of why i love pasta alla carbonrara… it’s really easy, fast, and really good! even on “fake” spaghetti, like spaghetti squash 🙂


~ by agent229 on December 6, 2009.

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