roasted garlic mashed taters

i’ve always loved mashed potatoes, even the instant kind. within the past year, i started making them from scratch and have never regretted it.

garlic mashed potato

i start by cutting washed potatoes in fourths, then slicing them. i never peel them, partly because i like the skins and partly because i’m lazy. it works best if you can get the pieces fairly small and uniformly sized, so they all finish cooking at the same time. then i put them in a pot, fill with cold water just to cover, and bring to a boil. i usually boil it for a while with the lid on, then when they are getting fairly close, i take the lid off so some of the water evaporates.

the way i learned to tell when they’re done is that you can stick the tip of a knife into one of the chunks, lift it, and the potato should fall off instead of staying on the knife. sometimes i like them a little less done so they’re chunkier, but if you like them nice and smooth, make sure that you test a few chunks and that they all slide right off that knife.

the nice thing about letting some of the boiling liquid evaporate is that i can usually just dump the whole thing into a big bowl and mash them and the boiling liquid incorporates nicely and isn’t too much liquid. it helps hold them together and make them seem “creamy” before you even add cream.

but of course, i also add cream. this time, i added butter and sour cream. in the past i’ve added actual milk or cream, various cheeses (chevre is quite good), and so forth… but not this time. i also added some homemade garlic chive oil (essentially just pureed garlic chives in olive oil), salt, and pepper.

i also added this roasted head of garlic i had roasted before starting the potatoes. i was totally obsessed with roasting garlic for a while, but this was the first time i’d done it in a while. it’s easiest to just slice off the very top, pour a little oil over it, and wrap it in foil. i just put it straight on the oven rack at 375-400 degrees and let it cook for 30-45 minutes. you want the cloves to get nice and squishy. i probably overdid mine today by a bit, but it turned out well because the cloves were really easy to get out and they mashed easily.

so… i basically mashed that all up, tweaking things to taste. totally satisfied my mashed potato craving.


~ by agent229 on December 3, 2009.

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