miso-glazed spaghetti squash

i was talking to a friend the other day about spaghetti squash, so when i saw some the other day at the store i got one. i hadn’t had it in a while though i’ve always liked it. i wanted to try preparing it a slightly different way than usual, so for some reason i had an idea to stir or pan fry it.

miso spaghetti squash

like most winter squashes, the best way to prepare it for another application is to halve it, seed it, and bake it. i did mine at 375 for about 45 minutes; the first 30 minutes facedown in a little water, then flipped with the inside facing up for the remainder. you can always test doneness by poking with a fork, it should be pretty tender and easy to shred into “spaghetti” when it’s done.

while the squash was baking, i made a sauce to use on it. i combined some beef broth, water, and miso paste and brought to a boil. then i seasoned it with garlic powder, pepper, sriracha sauce, soy sauce, rice vinegar, cilantro, and brown sugar as it reduced in volume. i let it simmer until it was pretty well reduced so that it would be more of a glaze than a watery sauce for the squash.

once the squash was done baking, i scraped it out of the shells. then i heated some oil in the wok and threw in some sesame seeds. when the seeds started to brown, i threw in the spaghetti squash and stir fried for a few minutes. the squash strands started to get a little squishy as some of the starches and liquids came out, so i poured on the glaze because i was worried it would just start to fall apart.

the glaze/sauce worked perfectly. i was worried it was too much liquid, but it combined with the starch from the squash in the pan and thickened almost immediately. i just stirred it over high heat for a few minutes until the consistency looked good.

the glaze was pretty good. don’t get me wrong, i think most things, spaghetti squash included, can be absolutely divine when served very simply. most of the times i’ve eaten spaghetti squash were just baked with some butter, salt, and pepper on top and it was really good. but this glaze did work out well. the nutty flavors from the sesame went really well, and the salty tanginess of the sauce worked well with the kind of sweet, smooth flavor of the squash. i’m not sure i’d do it again exactly the same, but i think i’ll definitely stir fry/pan fry spaghetti squash again this way.


~ by agent229 on December 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “miso-glazed spaghetti squash”

  1. That looks awesome! mmm…I need to make some spaghetti squash now!

  2. […] squash alla carbonara so i had half of my already-baked spaghetti squash from the other night sitting in the fridge and i was thinking about what i could do with […]

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