eggs florentine

eggs florentine

so, i had some spinach i’d been needing to use. i usually don’t cook spinach… i’ll just eat it plain by the handful or something. but maybe because of the cold lately, i felt like cooking it today.

i started with some butter and garlic powder in a pan over medium heat. once the butter was bubbling, i threw in all the spinach and some salt. i let this cook down, stirring occasionally. once the volume of the spinach had gone down a lot, i poured in some cream and added parmesan cheese, pepper, and chevre (soft goat cheese). i stirred this over medium heat until the liquid had reduced to a nice thick-ish consistency and the spinach looked fully cooked.

in the meantime, i toasted some bread and made an over-easy egg in a separate pan. (i seem to be mastering the technique of flipping an over easy egg by flicking the pan, one handed, no spatula… it’s pretty fun, even if i’ve broken a few yolks in the learning process)

then just spoon the spinach mix on top of the toast, top with an egg… a pretty quick and easy breakfast with a sophisticated twist.


~ by agent229 on November 17, 2009.

One Response to “eggs florentine”

  1. Yum, this looks really healthy.

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