eat your greens


so, i had a bunch of different greens that i wanted to make sure to use. i had tot soi, sort of like a smaller version of bok choy, broccoli leaves, and kohlrabi leaves.

i love stir frying greens… i really don’t like the idea of boiling them. the basic strategy, which i’ve probably referred to before, is to put in the toughest/stemmiest parts first, and throw in the tender leaves at the end. so this time, the stalks of the broccoli leaves went in first, into the wok with a mixture of olive oil and toasted sesame oil over high heat. i let these cook for a little bit, and covered the wok for a bit to let them steam, before i threw in the rest of the broccoli leaves and the kohlrabi leaves. last, i threw in the tot soi, because it was really small and delicate, could definitely even be eaten raw.

after stirring pretty constantly to help the greens reduce in volume, i poured in a little beef broth and ponzu sauce (a japanese soy sauce with citrus and other flavors). overall i probably added 1/4 cup of liquid, because i didn’t want to boil them. i also sprinkled on some garlic powder and salt. i stirred this until most of the liquid was gone, then covered for a bit to make sure all the leaves got cooked through before removing the lid again. i added some spicy mustard and sriracha sauce and kept stirring. then, i threw in my leftover quinoa from last night and continued stirring until everything was heated through and there wasn’t much liquid in the pan.

everything turned out well! it’s still crunchy, but tender and not hard to eat. the flavors all worked together well, and i like that each green lends a slightly different flavor. and there’s even protein from the quinoa 🙂

the moral of the story? eat your greens! up until recently i’d really never used cooking greens, and i usually preferred spinach raw, so i was a little intimidated the first time i got some cooking greens. now i’d say i’m pretty comfortable stir frying, and it’s a really quick and easy way to eat tons of greens. like, my entire wok was full to the brim when i first put them in, but it reduces down to a pretty small volume. so definitely experiment for yourself!


~ by agent229 on November 12, 2009.

One Response to “eat your greens”

  1. We still have broccoli growing in our garden, so come get fresh leaves anytime. I have a bag of greens from the school garden. This post has inspired me to stir fry them tonite. Thanks!

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