this is a dish i make variations of pretty frequently. the last time i made it was the morning after my birthday party, when three of us were still there and had gotten heineken and wild turkey and needed some food to balance those out. it got rave reviews 😛

papas potatoes onion

i start by cutting raw, washed potatoes in half lengthwise, then slicing the halves pretty thin (this is important or it will take a while to cook them). iput them in a frying pan with olive oil (in my case, the only thing i have large enough is a wok). i sprinkle on some garlic powder, ground cumin, and black pepper, then i cook them over medium high heat, stirring pretty frequently but not constantly, until the potatoes are starting to look a little more translucent. then i add in some chopped onions and continue stirring occasionally until both the potatoes and onions are pretty well cooked. if the potatoes are still a little too raw, you can cover the pan for a little while to steam them.

then, i turn off the heat and quickly stir in some salsa and salt right at the end. while the potatoes are still hot, grate some cheese on top, and garnish with whatever. today i used sour cream and a fried egg (the egg looks retarded because i didnt’ dry the pan before cooking it so it stuck more than usual…)

potatoes papas eggs onions cheese fried


~ by agent229 on November 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “papas”

  1. LOL. Retarded Egg!

  2. Mmm, that looks really good. I’ve got a lot of potatoes I need to use up. Maybe I’ll try this sometime.

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