vegetable curry stir fry

curry stir fry kohlrabi cauliflower carrot onion

so i had some veggies i needed to use up, namely cauliflower, carrots, and kohlrabi. i’d never used kohlrabi before, but a quick google reavealed that it could probably be stir fried, and i tried a little and i thought it would mesh well with cauliflower.

one of my first thoughts with cauliflower was curry, and the carrot only served to strengthen that idea, so i went with it. i peeled the kohlrabi and chopped it into slices about 1/4 inch thick and threw it in the wok with oil over high heat. i added garlic powder, cumin powder, curry powder, and cayenne pepper powder and stirred it around. since the kohlrabi was pretty hard, about the consistency of a raw potato, i put it in a few minutes before everything else to make sure it got done.

next, i threw in the chopped up cauliflower and carrots, and then onions and continued to stir fry this mixture. when all of the vegetables seemed reasonably done, i threw in a little butter, salt, and fresh minced ginger and stirred for another minute or so before removing it from the heat.

i have to say i like it a lot and it makes me want to try more things with kohlrabi. its slightly crunchy, but tender, and has a sweet flavor that goes really well with the curry.


~ by agent229 on November 9, 2009.

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