tomatillo time


so i grew tomatillos this year… the tiny starter plant i bought turned into a giant monster and pretty much took over the entire garden. none of the tomatillos got very big (i think the biggest was maybe 2 inches in diameter), and most of them were quite small, but there were a lot of them… i had to harvest the other day because it snowed and it took me quite a while to pick and husk them all.

however, today, the efforts have paid off. i decided to throw together a soup. in the past, all i’ve used tomatillos for is salsa or enchilada sauce, and i didn’t really feel like either of those.

i started by sauteeing some onions and all the peeled and rinsed tomatillos (i kept mine whole because they were small, if they were large they’d need to be chopped). after a few minutes, i put on some salt and covered the pan and kept it on medium high heat. this caused the onions and tomatillos to brown some and release some liquids that stuck to the bottom of the pan. before it burned or anything, i took the pan off the heat and dumped in a little over a cup of cold chicken broth, and stirred quickly to deglaze the pan and get all the “roasted” flavor from the bottom. i let this simmer a while and put in some garlic powder, ground cumin, dried oregano, and salsa i had laying around. after this came back to a boil, i used my stick blender to blend it up a little, but left some whole little tomatillos and stuff in there. then i dumped in a can of black beans and some frozen corn and added some fresh cilantro and oregano. i added some honey and rice vinegar (i’d have used lime juice if i had it) to taste, and let it just simmer away for a while until it reached the broth-to-chunks ratio i was looking for.

i served it with some plain yogurt on top (in lieu of sour cream, which i’d prefer but don’t have) and some fresh chopped green onions. mmmm.


~ by agent229 on November 2, 2009.

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  1. These pictures are making me hungry!

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