green chile cheddar omelet

i was always afraid to make omelets because my first attempts failed really miserably. i think now that was partly because i had a really crappy frying pan that pretty much everything sticks in that isn’t the right shape for an omelet either. you want to use a nonstick pan that is of the general shape of this one:


then you want to get a couple eggs, whisk them up really well with some milk or water, and add salt. i also added some garlic powder at this point. i put the pan on really low heat (2 out or 10) and made sure it was coated with nonstick spray before pouring the eggs in. you want to let it sit for a few minutes, then kind of swirl the pan around so the egg goes up on the sides a bit and makes that little thin edges you see (makes it much easier to fold it in half later!)

keep swirling the eggs every minute or so. once the egg layer is solidifying and not taht much liquid moves around when you swirl the pan, put the cheese on… i used grated cheddar. i always put cheese first to make sure it melts, then next put whatever other ingredients you have that need the most time over heat. in my case, i put a couple chopped up roasted hatch chiles, and then some globs of sour cream. then i seasoned it with some pepper, cumin, and a little dried oregano. let the omelet continue to cook open-face until the egg is pretty solid. you can lift up one edge carefully and see when the bottom is starting to turn a golden brown. whenever you think it’s done enough for you, gently lift an edge (i even use my fingers for this part) and slide a spatula under and try to fold it gently in one motion so it won’t tear. then just slide it out of the pan and enjoy!



~ by agent229 on October 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “green chile cheddar omelet”

  1. Yum! I don’t really have a low option on my gas stovetop. Everything I cook is on “low” (when I usually cook on medium-hot), so… But this looks so good. Did you get fresh roasted?

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