green chile stew


so, i haven’t posted in a while… i’ve been doing limited cooking and most of it wasn’t really post-worthy. i just started my new job at whole foods so i’ve been a little busy. but thanks to my crock pot, i’ve been able to create an amazing green chile stew over the past day or so without much work.

i was at whole foods the other day and saw that the beef rump roasts were on sale and they looked amazing. so i got one, about 2.5 pounds. about 24 hours ago, i got it out, dried it off, coated it in flour (i used gluten free), and then seared each side in a very hot frying pan (no oil). meanwhile, i chopped up some veggies: onion, potato, turnip, and carrot. (i’ve never used turnips before, but i had some local white turnips so i thought i’d throw em in!) i also peeled and chopped about 5 roasted new mexico green chiles.

once the beef was browned on each side, i put it in the crock pot whole. then, i poured room-temperature beef broth into the hot frying pan and stirred it up to deglaze it and put that into the crock pot along with another couple of cups of broth and all the vegetables. i let this cook on high in the crock pot for about 10 hours while i went to work. when i came home, i tested the internal temperature of the roast, and it was nearly 200 degrees so i knew it was done. i took two forks and shredded the beef which was quite easy at this point. i added some seasonings: balsamic vinegar, salt, garlic powder, dried oregano, pepper, cayenne pepper powder, cumin, and a little honey. i also topped it off with beef broth because some of the liquid had absorbed or evaporated. then i turned it on low and let it simmer overnight.

well this morning was the coldest morning of this fall so far–i think it actually got to freezing last night. and when i walked into the kitchen the most amazing green chile stew smell!!! it’s perfect. it may only be breakfast time but i had to get a bowl. mmm.


~ by agent229 on October 2, 2009.

One Response to “green chile stew”

  1. Can’t believe you cooked it that long, but sounds amazing. I got a crockpot for my birthday and I haven’t tried it out yet… Except I’m on green chile ration! D:

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