miso is another one of those things i’d been wary to buy. i’ve had miso soup at restaurants but that’s about it… but i’ve been reading this awesome book called “the flavor bible” and i saw something in there about miso, so yesterday when i was at the asian market i got adventurous and bought some.

it’s rainy here this morning which shocks me… i mean sure, it was still raining when i went to sleep but it almost never rains for this long here. i love how a rainy day here is so special and cherished just because they are rare… i almost feel like i need to celebrate it by staying curled up, listening to the rain, just having a homebody day. “the flavor bible” also talks a lot about the context of a dish… if it’s cold and rainy, like it happens to be today, you want soup more than a cold dish. well, i was just relaxing with my doggy and watching “glee” (with “top chef” and “it’s always sunny in philadelphia” buffering in the background!) and i started craving soup like mad.

so into the kitchen! i still had tofu from last night and i had the miso. so i started boiling about 2 1/2 cups of water and put in about 4 teaspoons of the miso. then i dumped in the rest of the tofu marinade and cut the tofu up into cubes and put it in as well. then i put in some bean thread noodles. i stopped to taste the broth and it seemed a bit watery and one-note, but i didn’t really want to go overboard on the miso flavor… so i added some chicken bouillon, garlic powder, soy sauce, and sriracha. then i chopped up some cilantro and green onions and added them right at the end of cooking.

i served it up in one of my bowls i just got back from the kiln for presentation’s sake… i also really have been enjoying using handmade bowls to eat out of. i kind of want to donate the rest of my dishes to goodwill and have a collection of solely handmade dishes (either by myself or others). but anyway, about the soup… i have to say it turned out quite tasty and totally satisfies my desire for soup… mmm.



~ by agent229 on September 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “miso”

  1. That is one gorgeous bowl. Really. 🙂

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